Welcome to my world

I am Crystal (Qianhui) Huang, a current Graphic Design student at OCAD University in Toronto. I enjoy playing with different materials and exploring different forms of design. I love to work across all types of design, including branding, packaging, illustration, editorial design, UI/UX Design, photography and more. Challenge and unknown are always the beauty of design for me.

Good Times Teleportation Pills
How can packaging design fulfill people's imagination about superpower?
Museum of Krystallos
A conceptual Museum Brand Design focuses on establishing a relationship between the viewer and nature’s beauty
Hou Mei Zine
How can design introduce Cantonese Cuisine to young audiences?
With u coffee brand
A warm and soothing coffee brand that aims to give customers support
Felicity Juice Brand Design
How can a juice brand bring a sense of happiness to customers through design? 
Fantaisie Impromptu Op.66. Record Design
How can a record design communicate the mood of a piece of classical music?
2019 Integrated Calendar Design
How can you use different mediums to create a unique calendar?
The Crystal Goblet
Editorial Design for expressing personal opinions on the article
The Weather Forecast Report
How can you use typography as an image to deliver the message of a weather forecast?
Black Coffee Lyric Book
How can design express the mood of a lyric?
36 Days of Type
How to design for one word in 36 days?
Distance Bed sheet sets_Extreme Kerning
How can you use typography to express the meaning of distance and raise the public's awareness of individuals' emotions?
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